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Corporate Training & Consulting 


Training and Development plays an important role in organizational efficiency and business success.  As an employer, you must carefully construct and deliver HR training that ensures employee development and proper handling of your employees. 

OWS has strategically developed a set of human resource management services designed to meet the needs of your organization and your employees:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Professional Development Training

  • Workforce Development Consulting

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Talent Management

  • HR Analytics

  • Employee Separation Services (See Career Coaching)

Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Services
As a vendor with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) and Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP), OWS has successfully built collaborative relationships throughout these agencies.  These relationships focus on providing employment-related services and support to the disabled community. OWS currently provides the following services:
  • Job Readiness Training

  • Job Placement

  • Professional Resume'/CV Services

  • Interviewing Skill Building Training

  • Character Development Training

  • Entrepreneurial Workshops

  • Career and Entrepreneurial Training

  • Career Development Training

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Discovery Profiles Career Assessments

  • Community-Based Assessments

  • Realistic Job Preview Services

  • Assertiveness & Self-Confidence Training

  • Employee Advocacy Consulting Services (EEOC, ADA, NLRB)

  • Veteran Job Search Support

  • Career & Entrepreneurial Training for Veterans 

  • Transition Training for Youth

  • Workshops and Orientations for Employers

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Disability Employment Consulting


Often, employers are not aware of the benefits available to them for employing individuals with a disability.  Many times their staff, including hiring managers is not well educated about the ADA and EEOC and what their responsibilities are as an employer.  OWS works closely with your human resource staff to provide a strong foundation for employment success in the following areas:

  • Recruitment

  • Hiring

  • Retention

  • Workplace Accommodations

Career Coaching 


Ideal for displaced workers, professionals in transition, recent high school and college graduates, Career Coaching helps to establish goals, identify career options, overcome obstacles and execute plans of action.  Career Coaching is conducted in small groups or on a one-on-one basis and is designed to assist the client with techniques to successfully nurture their career. 

  • Job Seeking Skills Training

  • Interview Skills Training

  • Personal Development & Soft Skills Training

  • Discovery Profiles Career Assessments

  • Resume' Services

  • Cover Letter

  • Resignation Letter

  • Professional Career Portfolio Services

  • Job Placement Assistance

Success Coaching 


Inspirational in nature, success coaching focuses on the total person where the goal is to create a plan to improve your quality of life and career.  You can enjoy greater happiness, passion, and fulfillment in all you do—because you’ll be living a life of your own design, continually advancing toward your most passionate desires.   


  • Goal Setting Techniques

  • Intrinsic Motivational Training

  • Personal Improvement Plan Development

  • Personal Development & Soft Skills Training

  • Personality Assessments

  • Discovery Profiles Career Assessments

Human Resource Consulting plays an important role in business efficiency and its success.  This discipline has traditionally focused on the portion of an organization that deals with hiring, firing, and other personnel issues.  However, OWS's primary objective is to help individuals and organizations maximize their return on investment by providing effective PROGRAMING, PROCESSES and TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT.


As an industry leader within the field of Human Resources, OWS has strategically developed a set of services that meets the needs of its clients. We administer a set of HR Practices that ensures proper handling of organizations and its employees, and individual clients alike. 

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